Weekend at the Lake

As you might have guessed, we spent the weekend at the Lake.  Mark’s brother rented a house in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland and on Thursday night we drove over (3.5 hours from DC) to spend the weekend with family and enjoy one of the last weekends of summer.

I love the vibe and aesthetic of a mountain lodge home and mountain towns, and this one was no different.

Tranquility (seriously, that is the house's name) in Deep Creek Lake

With big picture windows, wooden deck and scenic views this house is made for all seasons.

Over the weekend Mark and I got to play “Super Uncle and Aunt”.

Super Uncle and Super Aunt

We saw a bear, went hiking, rode a mountain coaster, got lots of ice cream, learned how to play Angry Birds and had a great time with 2 six-year-olds, a two-year-old, an infant and Mark’s brother and sister, their spouses and his mom.

Hiking Trail

The main attraction, obviously, was the kids and the highlight of the weekend for me was our ride down the Mountain coaster.

My niece, Isabelle, decided that we were going to ride the Mountain Coaster together.  The Mountain Coaster at Wisp Resort is a “gravitational hybrid of an Alpine Slide and a Roller Coaster boasting a 1,300-foot uphill track while twisting, turning, dipping and rolling for 3,500 feet downhill over 350 vertical feet on the eastern side of Wisp Mountain”.

Here’s the truth, I would not have ever wanted to ride the Mountain Coaster.  Ever.  But, then my six year old niece took my hand and told me that she wanted to ride with me.  She was brave, in fact up until 5 minutes before getting in the cart she was ecstatic.

As we settled into the cart and strapped on our seat belts she said, “Maybe we don’t have to go so fast…”  I said, “don’t worry, we don’t have to.”

As we inched up the 1300 feet of the mountain she said, “I am not so sure this is very fun.”

And then we we were off!  We went sliding, turning, curving, running down the mountain.  We screamed, we laughed, sometimes we used the brakes.

Mountain Coaster at Wisp

And at the end, she said “I want to go again!”  and I did too!


4 responses to “Weekend at the Lake

  1. what a gorgeous house looks like you had a fun trip!

  2. so proud of you! I never would’ve done it but then you said brakes (which I wouldve held on to the whole time)

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