Champagne Wedding Inspiration

Is there nothing more festive than Champagne?  It’s seductive and whimsical, it’s bubbly and sparkly, it’s celebratory and grand.  Just like this wedding inspiration board.

Champagne Wedding Inspiration

Source: Print, Gown, Dress, Tutu, Flutes, Bouquet, Centerpiece, Cake, Salad, Shoes

There is no greater time to lavish yourself, your friends and family with a little extra sparkle.  The Champagne toast, or Prosecco, or sparkling water is a mainstay in the wedding reception and so why not carry that moment throughout the entire reception.

This inspiration board has a softened neutral color palette of blushes, sages, creams and butter play beautifully with the sparkle and effervescence of gold.  As a play on the whimsy that Champagne often induces the traditional wedding mainstays are made playful with details like clever prints, rock candy in Champagne flutes, delightful snacks, glittering bows and fluffy flower girl tutus.

What do you think, would you be inspired by a glass of Champagne for your wedding?

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