Cool Enough for Time

Michael Kors, synonymous with quippy/bitchy comments on Project Runway and a black crew neck and caramelized skin, did for watches what Diane did for wrap dresses.  By which I mean, made them cool, accessible and something everyone had to have. (Seriously, a quick Pinterest search aligns the MK watch with the stacked watch + bracelet trend in a major way.)

Except for me.  I don’t wear a watch.  I’d like to say I don’t like to be encumbered by time.  But the truth is, I type all day and they’re bulky; they have to fit just right so that a masculine watch looks feminine and a feminine watch doesn’t look minuscule  and, truthfully, I can tell the time faster from my phone than my wrist.

With all that said, this watch caught my eye.  Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 8.11.12 AM

It’s a masculine watch and the matte black makes it sporty and cool.  It’s not for everyday, it’s for that day when you need a little bit of urban armor and something tough to remind you that whatever time it is, “you’re just that cool.”

Good timing, MK.

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