TNT: New Titles

I am going to try something new; on Tuesdays the post theme will be about trying new things. Things could be big or small – a new recipe, trend or challenge and while everything about being a new mom is new and there will be some baby related posts they’ll be in the context of TDB and not a “mommy blog” – not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Stay tuned!

life advice

On October 25th, I started something new, being a mom.  And everything  since then has offered something new.   It’s hard to explain what the first few weeks of parenthood is like, other than that it is a blur.

Evolution is set into hyper speed as you adjust to how quickly you learn, the amount of laundry to be done, the amount of sleep that is or isn’t needed and how quickly one grows and changes.

We took classes, studied up, shopped and took in the advice of everyone around us.  And the remarkable thing, truly, is that there is no certain roadmap or way to do something that has been taken on by billions of parents for generations.  So, as I continue figuring out this new thing – that takes my attention, sleep and energy but gives us smiles, joy and a pretty amazing little guy to grow with – I’ll share the best advice my dad gave me, “Good advice is, create your own.”

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