Fashioning a Fabulous 2012

I didn’t do a year-end wrap up.  Does that make me a bad blogger?  Nah… It means I took the time to sleep in, and relax, and finish up projects.  Besides we were all too inundated with other lists (shopping, cooking, gifting, cleaning…) to really appreciate the best of the past 12 months, right?

Anyway, in the quiet between days I scrolled back and found my favorite celebrity looks of 2012 – many thanks to

I would, without hesitation, wear any and all of these outfits.  I nearly cannot pick a favorite.

A few notes for 2012: the perfect fitting pant goes a long way, knowing what works best for your figure is key.  Also, never underestimate the power of great accessories.

 These are so lovely, and frankly a bit of a departure for each of these celebrities.  A few notes for 2012: Think outside the box with color, pattern, and detail.  Swapping black for citrus can make any simple sheath a lot more interesting…

I am a self professed jeans girl, that is no secret.  But, these ladies wore skirts that  made me reconsider.  Also, each of these looks, pretty easy to pull off! A few notes for 2012: Embrace shape, and go longer, for a chic and sophisticated look.

These ladies, not surprisingly, but very refreshingly, broke all the rules.  Mismatched accessories, cut outs, high slits, daring fabrics, leather maternity wear – all fall under the wear if you dare category.  A few notes for 2012: Dare.

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