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Do you make resolutions?  I know some people really do, and, of course, others recycle resolutions year after year.  I think either way is fine, practice makes perfect after all.

On New Year’s Day we went to yoga and our instructor started the practice by talking about resolutions, and she framed it a bit differently.  She said in the yoga tradition, instead of saying “I will be healthier in 2012” you might say, “I am healthier now.”   This is called a San Culpa and it is an intention, and positive affirmation.  It is suggested that you repeat the san culpa often so that it becomes absorbed into your being and your way of life.

Heavy, right?  Well, what I thought was most interesting about this idea is that it is really tied to what you’re doing in the moment.  Notice you don’t say, “I will be” but “I am.”  So, if you’ve set a resolution for yourself and perhaps fallen off the wagon already, you can start over right now.

Every year we set new resolutions.  But, no one says we can’t resolve to do better, and better every day, every hour, every moment.  It’s your resolution, your rules.

One response to “Resolutions

  1. Thanks for posting this – it’s remarkable how many things we always want to start “tomorrow” or “soon”. Yoga encourages to fully live the present moment, one of the most difficult things to accomplish.
    Happy new year!

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