The Sweetest Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Did you take a moment to share your love today?  Was it with love notes, chocolates, jewelry?

How do you share your love on those days that aren’t dedicated to love?  I was thinking about this, all the little ways we show someone you love them.

In my house it’s a knowing glance, a smile, a quick kiss or a long one, a scratch on the back, a foot rub, a resting hand during the resting pose in a yoga class, the best bite, the last bite, a morning smoothie, the end of day dinner, a laugh when everything goes wrong, a smile that says I’m always on your side, a quick text, a long and winding talk, sharing stories, crafting dreams.

It is about making time for the one you love, in the little ways, every single day.  Because, as our favorite Beatles says:

Sing a love song tonight:

One response to “The Sweetest Valentine

  1. oh my, couldn’t believe we posted the same – you on the daily batch and me on the fb. love you my sweet girl

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