Just Like You, But Totally Different

To have a sister is to have someone who is just like you, but totally different.

She can call you up and call you out, and either way it is done with love.

She knows your secrets and the funny things your parents do.  You share inside jokes that are older than the concept of “inside jokes” are to you.  She knows you before a degree, before a resume, before you knew how to put on makeup.

You’ll share clothes, a bathroom, and maybe even your house.

She could recognize your walk.  You can recognize her brow.

You’ll look up to her, and she’ll look up to you and you’ll always look out for each other.

When the time is right, she’ll cheer for you, cry for you, fight for you and always celebrate you.

Today I celebrate my little sister on her 24th birthday.  Happy birthday, Jules!

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