A Bathroom for Two

In my whole life I have never had my own bathroom (not terribly uncommon), and in thinking about it, I don’t think I ever will.  It is such an obviously private place, that we really so often share.

Growing up my sister and I shared a bathroom, the walls of which are thick with layers of paint, an exercise of our childhood creativity.  In college I lived in a dormitory and shared three stalls with many, many girls, and then a bathroom with my girlfriends.  And now, Mark and I share bathrooms.

Technically, our house has more bathrooms than people, but they are both pretty small and we tend to gather in the bathroom nearest our bedroom.

So we jostle at the sink, you rinse, I spit.  I gurgle, you scrub.  That kind of routine.  We talked about what a dream house would one day look like, and  I think it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) it would have one fabulous bathroom…

Oui! A bathroom for Two!

Clean and Cool, Spa Bathroom

Dark and Rustic Retreat

Would your dream house have a dream bathroom?  What does it look like?

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