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At the midpoint of this winter season I am struck with a real case of wanderlust that the typical stay-cation doesn’t seem capable of curing.  DC’s cold, windy and gray days have me longing for a some salt water and icy drinks, instead of salty sidewalks and icy windows.

The New York Times puts out a list of “must-see” places for each year, and they are all across the spectrum and all around the world.  That’s a good start for inspiration, but I already have a good sized list going.

What places are on your travel wishlist?



South Africa!


These are just a small handful of the world I have yet to see and explore.  Where are your Top 3 travel destinations?

Where to Next?

In the last five years Mark and I have been on a lot of trips.  We’ve done weekend trips to NY, weddings in NJ, a couple of long weekends in California, many trips to Florida, short week long trips to the mountains, to Mexico, to Hawaii and to Italy and long week trips to India.

But now, we have no trips planned!  So, the question becomes where to go next?  I have to admit that it is incredibly hot in DC, where we live, so a lot of the trips in my mind are centered around being refreshed and cool.

Here is some trip-spiration.

Raleigh Hotel, South Beach

Santorini, Greece via Travel and Leisure

Formentera, Spain via Travel and Leisure

Where do you want to go next?  Let’s make it somewhere fabulous!