It’s a Man’s World…

I have an affinity for menswear for women.  I think a perfectly fitting pair of trousers – and I mean perfectly – is better than a skirt any day.  Blame it on the overflow of denim in my wardrobe or my past life in the world of denim retail, but the dearth of skirts in my wardrobe is not an accident.

The high point of men’s fashion is probably the tuxedo.  Let me tell you about tuxedos… When they are not rented, but rather tailored to perfection, and they are worn with a sense of confidence and swagger they are not “Penguin Suits” instead they are amazing. 

To the woman he dares to wear a tuxedo, I say bravo. 

It’s a surprise.  It is daring, and tough, and sexy.  

Well, well, well… What do we have here?  
Gap Tuxedo Perfect Trouser
Do not be surprised GAP if I am trying these on this weekend. And if they are perfectly fitting, do not be surprised if these become an answer to the question, “What to wear?”

Have a wonderful weekend, make it sparkle.

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