Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Your Favorite Foodie

The Holiday countdown is 40 days and 16 days until Christmas and Hanukkah respectively – what are you waiting for?  Often on the blog I share recipes, and I do so because cooking and baking for me is fun, it’s an adventure, it’s therapeutic, and this Holiday season it is something to celebrate.

When you treat your guests to something extra it is noticed, and when you treat the cook to something special it makes any meal that much more of an experience, memorable and a gift worth giving. 

For someone whose  passion is cooking or baking, often what they make is a gift, this holidays season give them things to make the experience of cooking, serving and dining a delight.  
This is what I love: the ceramic farmers’ market baskets; Food Rules by Michael Pollan – his books are a must read for anyone who enjoy cooking and eating food;  the twist on the classic cognac glasses, they are like dreidels for adults; the matching mother-daughter “Carly” aprons – seriously that is the name; the tasting plate is a delight, where are the dips?; the baker’s set of spices is a must have for the baker building a collection; and the Italian bakewear is a great counter-to oven-to table!  

I would love to give or receive any of these gifts.  Happy Gift Giving!

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