A Baby in the 80’s

Growing up I probably watched way too many TV shows and movies that were too mature for my age.  I watched soap operas with my mom, I watched movies with my dad, and prime time soaps with my little sister.  

Twenty or so years later I am all grown up and some of my favorite stars from the 80’s are still on TV.  I look dramatically different, some of them for reasons unknown I am sure, not as much.  But at least they are keeping me feeling young at heart.
John Stamos as Uncle Jesse
John Stamos as Dr. Carl in Glee

Tim Daly in Wings
Tim Daly in Private Practice
Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing
Jennifer Grey in Dancing with the Stars
Well, now you know what I have been watching on TV lately, blame it on the DVR.  I am pulling bigtime for Jennifer Grey on Dancing with the Stars, but otherwise how fun is it to see your childhood stars on TV again?  Now if only I could find “A Different World” reunion special…

What are you watching on TV?

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