Sweater Season

This weekend put to an end any hope for a warm or mild fall and winter.  It was snowing in DC and all up the East coast.  It is officially time to pull out sweaters, scarfs, mittens and boots – and that’s okay.  In addition to being the “most wonderful time of the year” – it is also the most fashionable time!

In my fall wardrobe a little sweater goes a long way.  Because I am almost always cold, I like the layer a basic tank under a slim sweater.  The sweater and skinny jean combination has become my fall uniform because it allows me to go to warmer or cooler in a snap.  Trade out flats for boots and add a jacket and then I’m ready for winter.

Sweater Season: Fall 2011

This little sweater triumvirate is great because it sort of eliminates the notion that a sweater is either a. sweats, or b. grandma or art teacher attire.  These are chic, fun, and as young as they are sophisticated.  I would wear all of these sweaters at any time, you know with the rest of the uniform (skinny jeans + tank + flats or boots).

Be retro collegiate in slim sweaters with stripes of various sizes.  The retro vibe comes from the neutral and rust color palette and the modesty of the crew neckline.   The fit here is slim and youthful, and would be great paired with a school girl jacket.   Tip: Pick a sweater with the most skin tone flattering colors a the top (near your face) and with darker colors at your midsection)
Shop: Bold, Skinny, Many
Be runway inspired, and take a cue from Jason Wu’s use of lace and ladylike embellishment for Fall 2011.  These slim sweaters go undercover and add an element of feminine mystique with embellishments like subtle bows, and dainty lace.  Pair these with tailored pants and skirts for a fall/winter dinner engagement, or play with opposites and go sporty and tough with your lace.  Tip: You can also easily DIY this look with the simple stitching of lace on the sleeves of a favorite sweater.
Shop: Bow, Trim, Shoulders
Be ready for anything but the gym in sweaters inspired by sweats.  I am enrolling in Fashion Ed. as opposed to Phys. Ed. and embracing the easy fit of a sweatshirt with the added embellishments and details that make it fashion.  Still here: ribbed cuffs, hems, and vent stitching at the collar.  Gone are the oversize silhouettes, and anything resembling a Hanes Beefy anything.  In its place is delicate stitching, sequins, and playful patterns.  Find the right slim fit, too big and bulky you might as well wear sweats.  Tip: Look embellishment that is delicate, the emphasis here is playing with opposites.
Shop: Cropped, Hearts, Spots


What is your sweater style this fall?

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