Tea (or Coffee) for Two

I am not really a tea or coffee drinker.  I grew up in the age of Clueless, and at an impressionable 10 years old, I believed Cher Horowitz when she shunned coffee because it would eventually stunt her growth.  I’m 5’9 – so you tell me…

Anyway, while I don’t get buzzing over a cup filled with coffee, the same cannot be said about coffee cups.  As the weather turns cooler how lovely would it be to plop down on an oversize sofa cushion with a fresh cup of coffee, or cocoa in one of these charming little cups.

Cup of Letters at Anthopologie

A Kissed Cup by Reiko Kaneko

Heartfelt Cup by Yedi Drinkware at Macy's

I think these would make a great cup for your own home, or as a gift.

A few years ago I used the letter cups for small Christmas gifts and housewarming presents.   They were a great hit, and a very affordable way to send a personalized token.

The heart cups are just dreamy for a ladies – only tea party or shower.  So if you buy housewares for a future event, consider them.

The lipstick kissed cup is perhaps my favorite.  I love the touch of sparkle, the dripping gold (or platinum) and the idea of a more glamorous morning cup.  Besides, who really wears lipstick to the breakfast table?


How do you take your coffee?  On the run, in a fancy cup, with cream and sugar?

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