Where to Live?

The other day on Twitter, someone tweeted how excited they were to be traveling to the place where all of her favorite people live… and it got me thinking, well, then why doesn’t she just move there?

Choosing where to live is often an organic decision determined slow and overtime by inertia, or lightning quick and surprising (to everyone, but you).

Where do you live?  Are you a city mouse or a country mouse?  Where did you think you would live when you “grew up”? Or do you think you’ll keep moving as you keep growing up?

We had an interesting discussion last night about living in an area that is popular, aka visited by a lot of people who don’t live there.  And the two sides of the coin showed that this area would always be vibrant and full of activity, but it would also always be transient and visited by people who wouldn’t love it and treat it like home.

I think that’s why so many people like to travel, it introduces us to new places, broadens our horizons, strengthens our capacity and willingness to explore, and then, when we return home we are once again, if at least only for a moment, delighted by the familiar.

Home, Sweet Home.

2 responses to “Where to Live?

  1. Hi Carly,

    Really nice blog. your post Where to Live?

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