Make an Entrance

I have been known to try to make an entrance, and well, friends, if there is ever a day to do it, it is your wedding day.  Let’s be real here, on that day you are the star and the star should arrive in a pretty major way.

The dress, veil, glam hair and makeup certainly help, but the aisle set’s the stage.  Here are some of my favorite settings to make that entrance for the beginning of “Here Comes the Bride…”

Major! Abundant Ceremony Space in Greens and White in Indonesia by Nefi

Classic New York by Christian Oth

A Curtain Moment, by Birch, Photographed by Lisa Lefkowitz

An English Garden Wedding for Kate Moss

Dum, Dum, da Dum…. Which style would you be wishing for?

One response to “Make an Entrance

  1. Loving both the NYC and outdoor ceremony in Indonesia (surprise, surprise). Why not have both?!

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