Wear White, Cream, Ivory After Labor Day

Today is the first day after Labor Day, in otherwise known as the day after the last day it is socially appropriate to wear white.

I scoff, balk and laugh at that rule.  White is a neutral color, and in shades of cream, vanilla, and ivory it an essential for winter.  Fall/Winter White speaks to the dreamy life that Michael Kors has created for the luxe urbanite enjoying city living, and that Ralph Lauren has perpetuated for the girl who dreams of a mountain home and a ride on her own horse.

Do not be afraid of white for fall.  Here are some great ways to use white as a neutral all year round.

White is All Right, all year long

 Source: Stripe Sweater, Skirt, Booties, Sweater, Denim, Loafers, Sweater, Cords, Slippers, Dress, Boots

Tips to wearing white in winter:

  • Pay attention to fabric: this is not time for lace, eyelet, linen or cotton
  • Pair with neutral: white pairs beautifully with camels, golds, grays, black, and saturated navy, reds and greens.
  • Keep it clean: the beauty of this look is how it crisp it plays.  No one likes dingy whites, no matter the season.


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