2011 Gift Guide: Her Edition

To be totally honest, this “her” edition, is really “my” edition, and if we’re really putting all of our cards on the table, this whole blog is everything I love, want, and adore.  But, I am hopeful that somewhere along the way my favorites might inspire your favorites, too.

Now, to be clear, I don’t “need” anything.  But, everything on this list of “wants” are classic, timeless, and all fairly special.

For this edition of the gift guide I went a little more luxe.  I think the women in our lives are always being thoughtful and taking care, these little (and big) treats are a very, very nice way to treat her at this gift giving season.

2011: Her Gifts

Shop: Sweater, Robe, Espadrille, Perfume, Wallet, Pump, Love, Peonies, Prana, Macarons, Virgin America

So, some of these items are all about sparkle: a sequin sweater, a token of love for a little finger.

Some are meant for starting the year off on the right foot: a sky high espadrille (*serious swoon for this Florida girl!), a sophisticated pump for evening.

Some are meant to spoil: a lovely new fragrance and silky new robe for luxuriating about.

Some are meant to satiate: a favorite candy, cookie or treat (*Bouchon’s macarons are second to none).

Some are meant store-all: a chic new wallet, an equally chic yoga mat.

Some are meant to create starry eyes and memories: a mystery flight somewhere fabulous, or monthly delivery of flowers, love notes, dinners out, days off.

What is your favorite gift to give the girl in your life, or maybe gift to yourself?  Tell me in the comments!

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