2011 Gift Guide: Under $25

When you’re planning your gift giving this season, there are no little people, but there might be a need for little gifts.  Small tidings of joy that share your sentiment without breaking the bank.  These gifts are great for stocking stuffers, colleagues, friends, cousins’ cousins, and people who make the rest of your year easier…  They are also all under $25.

2011: Gifts Under $25

Shop: Bar Set, Knife and Scissors, Lip Scrub, OPI set, Card Holder, Cap, Candy, Phone Case, Frames, Spice Jars

There are gifts here that are great for guys, great for gals, great for foodies, great for funnies.  It is hard to go wrong when giving a gift that you’re thoughtful about!

It’s so great to give a gift that pampers like a new or favorite lip color, nail polish, or very luxe beauty cream.  Everyone loves a gift that feeds a passion, like cooking, entertaining, a sport, or a new career.  And of course, no one turns down a gift that feeds the soul and the stomach – homemade foodie gifts are lovely, and the Peppermint Bark (at World Market for a steal!) cannot be beat.

What is your favorite stocking stuffer?  Tell me in the comments!

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