Holiday Party: Cookie Edition, Inspiration

I have actually never been to a cookie party, the making or swapping kind.  But, I do love the idea of it all.  There is something so nice and leisurely about meeting up with a best group of girlfriends, or Real Housewives cast mates (random parties seem to be their specialty these days), to bake, frost and eat as a way of celebrating the season.

Shop: Apron, Mixer, Bowls, Peppermint Cookies, Milk Bar, Baking Pans, Meringue, Santa Brownies, Rainbow Cookies

If you were planning a Cookie Party the basic items you’ll need for hosting are canisters of flours, sugars, and of course decorating items (sprinkles, sugars, candies), baking trays and measuring cups.

If you want to go all out and be extra holiday fancy, consider adding specialty molds, baking tins and cookie wrappers to make gifts with.

If you want to go the Real Housewives route, skip the champagne and offer your guests hot cocoa at the door.  Welcome them to the kitchen with personalized aprons, and then sit around and watch your personal chef make cookies and engage in some good old fashion gossip.

‘Tis the season, after all…

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