Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

There is always someone on your list who seems to have everything, or really “need” nothing.  (Maybe that someone is you!)  In which case, the perfect gift might need to tell a story, share a memory, be personalized, or add a little extra sparkle to an otherwise everyday item.

The gifts for the gal who has everything can be the most challenging and also the most delightful.  Let the gift giving begin:

Let the gift giving begin!
  • Start the holiday season with some sparkle.  For those with trees give them a gift that marks the season with a little sparkle like this Swarovski snowflake ornament.
  • I have never had these but I just know that I would love them.  Levain Bakery’s chocolate walnut cookies are famous for being supersized and super delicious.  They are large enough to encourage sharing and that’s what the season is all about, after all.
  • Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, these I have had, and yes, they are delicious.  They are beautiful, super moist, and here is a tip order in advance so you can skip the lines!
  • Have a memorable moment!  Find a treat from a favorite treat, for us it would be Coconut Candy from Julia in Maui.
  • Make them gift unable to be regifted with a monogrammed and personalized item.  I love the fit of this RL Jacket.
  • Give the gift of glamour with a staple (belt) with extra jazz (feathers), a year of flowers, or a satin clutch from the new collection from Tiffany & Co.
All of these gifts are a delight and happily are available in a variety of price points.  The perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive and out of reach, it just needs to be made special with thought.

Happy Gift Giving for Someone as Special as You.

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