Confessions of a Real Estalker

Some people meditate to help them fall asleep, I do not.

I Real Estalk.  I go into my favorite iPhone App, Redfin, and I search for houses.  I look at Malibu Mansions, Logan Circle Rowhouses, Beachfront bungalows, and my heart swoons.

I recently stumbled across images from an old issue of Veranda magazine.  They were photographs from Jennifer Lopez’s Long Island home.  Let me just say, OH MY GOD!

This home is basically why I love Jennifer’s style – it was classic, clean, glamourous to a tee and beyond sophisticated and timeless.

Here are my favorite pictures:

Patterned floors, gold accents, winding staircase - yes, please!

Two words: the stove. Thank you.

Breakfast table: Pink roses? Check. Cupcakes? Check.

Dark wood floors, nail head accents, sconces, bay windows, airy drapes. Classic beauty.

Guest room glamour: peaches, cream and gold.

What does your dream house look like?

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