Dream Home: City Edition

Being married into real estate – Mark is a developer – I look at houses all the time.  At first I only looked at homes in the city where we live and work, but then my imagination got the best of me and began “trolling” real estate in other cities and began to identify what I like and where.

I have a really clear sense of what I like in most settings and over the next few Mondays I’ll be sharing them with you, but first up, the most perfect (in my opinion), city loft apartment.

This is the New York City apartment of Devon and Phil Radizwill as featured in Vogue.

Living Room

Shared Office and Library Space

Fun and Games

Time for Rest

What I love: the clean lines, the enormous original panel windows, the exposed brick, the wood and cement floors, the mix of masculine and feminine design, and the pops of color through beautiful art installations and fresh flowers.

I think of liking real estate in the same way as shopping for a wedding dress, when you know, you know.  There is something about it that just fits better than all the rest.  The other good thing, like a wedding dress, it only has to fit for a short while, not the rest of your life as you know your needs and tastes change.

Do you have a city home/apartment style?


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