A Super Night of Commercials

Last night was the Super Bowl (duh!) and similar to how I let other blogs talk about the movies on Golden Globes and Oscar night, I’ll let other sites talk about the game.  I am here to talk about the commercials.  Super Bowl Sunday is the only night of the year when people DVR the commercials.

This is the first year in a while that I really enjoyed the commercials, wasn’t offended by them, or wasn’t grossed out by the humor.  So, with that said, here are my favorites:

The NFL Timeline was great.  I love a sports montage and so this hit the spot for competitive nostalgia.


This KIA Dream Car for Real Life was really enjoyable.  I think in previous year’s the husband’s dream would have ended differently but I really liked how KIA “grounded” the commercial in real life.


The Bridgestone Performance Basketball commercial was also really funny and a great cameo performance from some NBA greats on the NFL’s biggest night.


Budweiser’s Here We Go commercial really made me laugh.  I know that some people will be unimpressed by the way the dog was treated but following the commercial conversation on Twitter, this Budweiser ad started some great conversation about rescue dogs.


The Budweiser Eternal Optimist commercial  was like a 1 minute party spanning 80 years. The costumes, dancing, and music were fun, and the optimistic theme was great.


My favorite commercial of the night was the Chrysler It’s Halftime in America commercial.  What a great surprise to see Clint Eastwood, the former mayor of Carmel, California, in this stoic, gritty and inspiring commercial for Chrysler, Detroit, and America.


The interesting thing about Super Bowl commercials, played when more Americans and the international community are watching the same thing on American TV than any other night of the year, is the positive tone so many of the commercials took.

What was your favorite 60-seconds of the night?

One response to “A Super Night of Commercials

  1. Chrysler’s Halftime in America with Clint Eastwood was well done. Shame none of our candidates for POTUS can talk that way. Clint for Pres

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