New Chapters

Yesterday was Mark’s birthday.  We’ve been celebrating for nearly a week and have a few more celebrations yet.

But this was a bigger birthday and as we often do, we talked quite a bit about the meaningfulness of birthdays, milestones and markers in our life.

We were talking about chapters and how sometimes you don’t realize that one chapter is ending and another one is beginning, and sometimes you’re acutely aware of it.

Mark thinks he is on the precipice of the next great chapter in his life – which is a really exciting concept to think about.

And, of course sometimes the chapters surprise you.  One such experience we laughed about is that when you’re graduating from college you think that the graduation moment is the real “chapter change.”  But, really its a few months after college, when you’re figuring out what’s next, more independent, perhaps with a job that you realize the significance and gravity of the “chapter change.”

Do you think that milestones can change the chapters in your life?

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