She’s a Daddy’s Girl

That’s me.  To be fair, I am also a mama’s girl – but that is sort of the beauty of having two really amazing parents.   Today’s is my dad’s birthday – and I generally like to think of myself as his best birthday present 26 years ago.

Along the way my dad has given me more than a few gifts.  
My dad is the reason I make faces, test out accents and enjoy the spotlight.  My dad is the middle child, and he adores his big brother and little brother – giving my sister and I a model for real sibling love.  He admires his parents, so, and I think gets many of his dance moves from them.  He loves my mom, her dog, and their kids and never hesitates to tell them so (maybe not the dog as much).  He is the best boss, and truly the benchmark to which I have held every employer to.  He lives his life with integrity, honesty and compassion – those are priceless values.  He is the reason I can make a jump shot, know how to properly make an “awesome bite” and quote movie lines.  He has a drink, and it’s always with a twist of lemon.  My dad has good taste, when I was growing up he was often called upon to give a second opinion on an outfit as I walked out for the day.  My dad can tell a story, give a speech, and dance with the best of them.  He is sensitive, he cries (it’s not just my mom that I get that from).  He loved our wedding.  He is “old fashioned” because he believes in hard work, getting the job done and doing the right thing.   He is a strummer, a singer, a golden-rule player.  He is also my friend.
He is the reason that my sister and I can stand on our own, believe in ourselves, live our lives with integrity.   

Dad, happy birthday, I love you.

One response to “She’s a Daddy’s Girl

  1. >Thats so nice Carly! I hope your dad has a great birthday 🙂

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