Light the Lights

There are almost as many common spellings for Hanukkah as there are days to celebrate it.  That can be a little tricky, but nonetheless the holiday is a fun and easy one to celebrate.  Unlike other Jewish holidays there are no food rules or restrictions of any kind – so far, so good – and when you add in some latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganyot (jelly donuts) this 8-day celebration is an oil filled party.

The centerpiece of the Hanukkah celebration is a Chanukiah, a nine candled holder, most commonly referred to as a Menorah.  They are often works of art and there is a style to match every home, and budget (I promise)!

When we got married we registered for a menorah that would be functional/cool enough to have out all year round.  I love the work from Michael Aram, and I couldn’t resist this menorah when I saw it.

Michael Aram Olive Branch Menorah
For an even more natural look, how cool is this from West Elm?  The Manzanita trend isn’t lost on me – it was a huge trend in wedding/event floral centerpieces and I love the natural element and sculptural design of this untraditional menorah.
Manzanita Candelabra at West Elm
If your style is more modern than this menorah is perfect.  It is nine separate pieces so you can change the shape and pattern.  This is like grown up Legos, but for Hanukkah.
Nine Piece Menorah by Marit Meisler at Unica
If your home is one filled with kids, and Hanukkah means lots of presents than maybe you like a menorah that is filled with color and whimsy.  This menorah, inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark is almost as much fun as opening the presents every night.
Painted Noah’s Ark Menorah at the Jewish Museum

And if tradition is your thing, and like you a menorah that is elegant and a classic piece of art, look no further than the cut crystal by Waterford.  The simplicity is stunning, and I can only imagine how when lit with nine candles it would shine to the delight of family and friends.
Waterford Crystal Judaica Menorah

If Hanukkah is your holiday, I hope it is filled with light and love – and if it’s not I hope you’ll find a friend to share a latke or donut with over the next week.  Hanukkah recipes are coming soon!

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