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2011 Gift Guide: Kids Edition

The people that are most excited about holiday presents are obviously the kids.  If you have ever spent a Christmas morning with someone who is looking for the tag marked with their name and a “love, Santa” then you already know this.

I know a lot of pretty cool kids, but our niece and nephews were definitely the inspiration for today’s gift guide.  On the cool-meter they are a 10, and they know it.  They have been working on their wish lists for a little while now, and it is so interesting to see what they ask for and admire; generally it is a mix of clothes, toys and things don’t actually exist.

Shop: Gummy Bears, Finger Paints, Tee, Spin Art, Yumbrella, Baking Set, Bike, Army Men, Chewbaca, Tights

For this inspiration board I thought of some of the things our niece and nephews really like – bikes, Star Wars, baking, crafts and went old school.  Some of these toys were my favorite as a kid, especially the spin art and the baking set.  Other items just made me laugh and smile – how funny is the Chewbaca hat and how fun is the color it yourself “Yumbrella”?

What I liked most of all about these gifts is that they require lots of creativity and imagination and very few batteries – they are already much better than I am at video games!

What is your favorite gift to give to kids – or maybe your favorite gift you received as a kid?  Tell me in the comments!

Holiday Shopping: Gifts for the Littlest Ones on Your List

I have two nephews and a niece, and another nephew on the way, and I consider myself a pretty cool aunt to some very cool kids.  My niece and nephews never stop surprising me with how curious, smart, and funny they are – and they are just being themselves!

For Christmas, and anytime we give them a present, I want to give them something that totally stokes that creativity and continues to excite them after the Christmas cookie sugar wears off.

Here are my top picks for kids this year:

To be fair my first gift (a trip to Disney World) is not easy to do, and definitely a big, BIG, Oprah-sized gift, but I have been loving “the surprise the kids” Disney commercials so much this fall, I had to include it (a Mickey Mouse shaped pizza – come on)!  Other favorites include a collection of books; I go with Dr. Seuss because it is classic, but maybe you fancy Little Golden Books, Goosebumps, Harry Potter or Nancy Drew, no matter who the page-turner is about books are a great gift.  Another gift that falls in the sentimental category is the American Girl Doll collection (my sister and I shared a Samantha, who has since been discontinued… 
In the category of getting your brain growing I love, love, love these gifts this season: the Make Your Own Monster – this is awesome, I just can’t get over how cool this is, expensive ($249) but way cool, also the Food Face plates which I have seen in person and totally encourage playing with your food.

Also, when shopping for the littlest kids on your list, please try and remember the kids for whom no one is shopping for.  There are many organizations through which you can adopt a kid (The Angel Tree) or a family for the holidays (a personal favorite of mine is Touch a Heart in South Florida).  For the smallest kids, even the smallest gift can brighten their day!