2011 Gift Guide: Kids Edition

The people that are most excited about holiday presents are obviously the kids.  If you have ever spent a Christmas morning with someone who is looking for the tag marked with their name and a “love, Santa” then you already know this.

I know a lot of pretty cool kids, but our niece and nephews were definitely the inspiration for today’s gift guide.  On the cool-meter they are a 10, and they know it.  They have been working on their wish lists for a little while now, and it is so interesting to see what they ask for and admire; generally it is a mix of clothes, toys and things don’t actually exist.

Shop: Gummy Bears, Finger Paints, Tee, Spin Art, Yumbrella, Baking Set, Bike, Army Men, Chewbaca, Tights

For this inspiration board I thought of some of the things our niece and nephews really like – bikes, Star Wars, baking, crafts and went old school.  Some of these toys were my favorite as a kid, especially the spin art and the baking set.  Other items just made me laugh and smile – how funny is the Chewbaca hat and how fun is the color it yourself “Yumbrella”?

What I liked most of all about these gifts is that they require lots of creativity and imagination and very few batteries – they are already much better than I am at video games!

What is your favorite gift to give to kids – or maybe your favorite gift you received as a kid?  Tell me in the comments!

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