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New Vintage for an Old Home

This weekend we  went on a home filling “road trip”.  We drove out of DC to Leesburg, VA to visit the famed Old Lucketts Store, purveyors of the vintage and hip.  Settled on a large piece of land there is a main house that is open 7-days a week and on the first weekend of the month they host a Design House Event.  Both “homes” feature antique, salvaged, and made to look antique home furniture, decor, and accessories.  I am a sucker for the accessories and knick-knacks.

This weekend was a design house weekend and as I kept exclaiming to Mark I loved each room more than the one before it – which is to say, my love kept growing and growing.  
A few styles ran through out the house, there were some breezy, rooms with “by-the-sea” cottage inspired accessories and colors, some with brilliant colors and swaths of bright fabrics, and others still with a more sophisticated and romantic finish balanced with masculine, dark furniture.
Image from Lucketts Blog
Image from Lucketts Blog
Image from Lucketts Blog
It’s hard to explain how I could have loved  each room, as on the surface their styles were each so different.  However, their unifying theme was that they were all “just right” without being perfect.  Rarely did more than two pieces match, and often the accessories challenged and enhanced instead of just filling space, and most of all each room gave the feeling that there was a story behind each piece, and that is what I love.  There was no one-stop-shop feel of going to a catalog and ordering everything on the page and being done with the house. 

On this trip we picked up a nailhead leather chair, that perfectly fit the bill for what Mark wanted for the living room, and a possibly antique iron soap dish.  Pictures of the chair later, but since I am sure you are dying to see a soap dish, ta da!

Fancy Iron Soap Dish – personal photo
The design house also inspired us to find some vintage/old world oversized maps for our walls, and a coffee/occasional table to pair with our new chairs!  This is definitely a work in progress as I think any truly great home should be.

King and Queen of America

There is no American icon I enjoy more than Jackie Kennedy, and by extension John F. Kennedy, Caroline, John Jr, and the brothers Robert and Teddy.

I think my interest stems from my dad’s tendency to tell stories of the 1960’s glamour and coming of age, (before his stories of civil rights, civil unrest and the Viet Nam war – but we’ll save that history lesson for another day), and also because I don’t think there is any American, or otherwise, woman who has personified timeless style better than Jacqueline Kennedy. Besides, who doesn’t love a square jaw and sharp features 🙂

I stumbled on this picture today on another blog, Snippet & Ink and had to share it.

This photo and many, many more amazing photos of the entire Kennedy family can be found at here. You’ll love it, I very easily lost track of time.

Go vintage

It’s officially summer and nothing says summer like trading in your metro cards for evening walks, or bike rides. Two months ago, Mark and I bought bikes. The plan was for us to both ride to work at least 3 days of the week. I haven’t ridden in once. To his credit, he rides every day (Updating on Twitter @DCBikeTest). It’s very impressive.

Prior to the bike purchase, I campaigned pretty heavily for a motorized bike, specifically a Vespa. Two summers ago we had a Vespa. When Mark bought it on Craigslist, I was all “no, no, no”. After riding it into the sunset for about 1.5 years, and zipping through DC on the back of that zippy silver bike, when we decided to sell it, I was again all “no, no, no”. (True confession, I actually cried).

Something about the Vespa is so Roman Holiday and vintage chic.  It’s also more city and environmentally friendly than a car.  And that are too cute to beat.

Not us, although the resemblance is funny. I don’t ride side saddle – that’s ridiculous!

As we get ready to move back into the city I am keeping the Vespa dream alive, perhaps next spring.
Ciao bellos!