In the beginning

What prompts someone to blog? At this point I am not quite sure, I think the answer to that will come as I continue. One thing is for sure this blog will be an outlet for all the things that color my life in the brightest shades; food, fashion, style, and the sparkle moments that happen from the day to day.

My career is in marketing, but my background is in sparkle. Sparkle at the daily batch is defined as those moments when you find fresh beautiful peonies at your favorite farmer’s market (20th between Mass and Q St); when you find the perfect fitting jean (no matter your size, trust me it exists); when you conquer a recipe that seemed only fitting for the Martha’s of the world (turns out the risk of failing is half the fun); and when you’re able to spend time and celebrate life with the ones you love the most (you’ll get to meet them as we go).
Thanks for joining me in the beginning.

2 responses to “In the beginning

  1. >I am so excited for this, congratulations!

  2. >Thank you -it was a long time coming, and your encouragement helped every bit!

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