In case you’re having a case of the Mondays…

I have been out of the blogosphere all weekend as I am working with teens for a service/advocacy program. The program ends on Monday and it will be a busy day with the teens and a busy transition back into the office.

Long weekends, lots of teenagers and little sleep give some people a case of the Monday’s…
If you possibly have a case of the Mondays and need a few mental breaks here and there, here are some distractions (errr, tips!):
This is a cake ball. They were made famous by a sweet and funny little blogger named Bakerella. Her blog was the first one I really followed consistently (she’s a Sunday/Monday updater). Her ideas and talents are very impressive, but never oooh soo scary and intimidating.
This photo is by Elizabeth Messina. Her website,, was the source of our save-the-dates. She is a phenomenal photographer. She works with beautiful, regular people and “the beautiful people”. She has an amazing ability to find the calm and glow in all of life’s moments, from love to wedding to baby and beyond.

I have been married for five months and I still visit the Weddingbee. I was also an avid visitor to several other sites and resources, which I’ll be sure to share a long the way, but this site was key. The site has a collection of bride bloggers which means there is no Bridal Industry voice, it is just a collection of unique voices, perspectives, customs, cultures, budgets and relationships honestly and openly sharing their experience from engagement through the wedding day and for at least a year following. You will never find a more honest site about the experience of being engaged and planning a wedding.

If you’re still bored and just not swayed by sweet images, sweet foods, or weddings, check out Facebook for the afternoon. That’ll give you a mental break. See you on Tuesday!

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