Going Nude

Yesterday I talked about wearing white, and while it was with Wedding Wednesday in mind, there are certain rules that I always apply to wearing white: keep it clean and keep it nude.

The dress should be clean (thank you shout wipes), and the footwear that is sure to be the most flattering are nude. There are limitless benefits of going nude on your feet: a nude shoe gives the illusion that your leg never ends and when made well (depending on the fabric) can really be a seasonless style must have.

Here are a few of my favorites in nude, keeping in mind that there are lots of different shades of nude (just like there are lots of different shades of women!)

Jimmy Choo Logan d’Orsay Pump

Ralph Lauren Caia Pump

And for the curve ball, this is a pair that I have been eyeing for a while, but have hesitated because I really need to try them on first, and can’t find them locally…
Do you go nude?

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