“Mule!” “Nag!”

Today my sister moves back to Washington, DC.

Like me, she went to college in the DC area (Maryland), and as far as college goes, that’s where our similarities end. She participated in Greek Life, I did not. She has a huge group of girlfriends and is easily the life of the party, I enjoy planning the party. She is truly the youngest child, and I am the oldest child.

In growing up though I have always admired her, her sense of self, joy, the energy and enthusiasm she brings to her life and the way she encounters all people without an ounce of judgment.

As little girls we would plot our next business venture; we sold painting on the boardwalk, lemonade on the corner, hand beaded necklaces to anyone who was interested and started a local baby-sitters club. Watch movies, a favorite for many reasons was a League of Their Own, and if we were ever punished and sent to our adjoining rooms, we’d each sit in our closets and talk to each other through the shared wall.

During our overlapping college time, it’s fair to say that for a period we did not hang out as often as our grandmothers would ask if we did, but somehow, magically, we became two fairly similar girls.
We’re both likely to roll our eyes a little too freely, cry a bit easily, smile widely, and cherish the same moments.

Personal photo

Somehow we’ve both grown up. She can call me out (and does), and usually I can do the same. She looks out for me, and I will always look out for her. She is selfless and so spirited as she proved in the last year by putting others before her (myself included) during the year of wedding planning and Maid of Honor-hood, as she was going through all the trials and travails of her senior year of college.

Image by Ashley Colhouer Photography

And, somewhere a long the way our sisterhood became a true friendship, still a little competitive, but always my best friend, and now housemate?!

Yes, she get’s her own room in the new house while she begins to navigate post-college life in DC and we’re so excited to have her here! I can’t wait to share in this new stage of adult hood with her.

One response to ““Mule!” “Nag!”

  1. >Beautiful post!! Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship!Be blessed-Amanda

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