It’s Easy Being Green

Moving has really made me think about what we use, and how we use it.  We have always been  very conscientious about not overusing paper towels, recycling, bringing our own bags to the store and shopping at our local farmer’s market so we have produce without packaging.  

But, now that we live in a bigger house there is even more to be aware of and I am thinking twice about what items we buy to equip our new kitchen.

We got the Bamboo Cutting Board with Colander as a shower gift and it has proven to be a great item.  It is a space saver by not having two have two separate pieces of equipment and the bamboo serves as a great cutting surface while also being a more readily renewable resource.

Moving to DC meant no more tap water, this is something I hope is resolved in time, but in the interim we are using the Brita Green Grand Water Filter and Pitcher.  This eliminates the use for bottled water which is a major save for the environment – plus the green is so cute!

If you’re heading to the store in DC you’ll be wise to bring your own bag and save the $0.05 tax, and of course by bringing your own you help the environment too.  This Envirosax “Planet Green Series Bag”  is a great green option, while also being compact and chic. 
Now this canvas tote I couldn’t resist, since our new neighborhood is called Bloomingdale (not Bloomingdale’s) I thought the “In Bloomie’s We Trust” Recycled Cotton Canvas Tote would be a great bag to bring to Bloomingdale’s Farmer’s Market; I’ll show some neighborhood pride and be acting green.
Something else to consider when planning a greener lifestyle is length of use.  I apply this thinking to my fashion choices as well.  I prefer to spend more on an item that will last me years and years that and won’t soon end up in a landfill or worse the ocean, and won’t contribute to our general collection of excess stuff.

These are great investment pieces that will pay dividends:

As you know I am an avid baker and every time I bake I put a piece of tin foil, wax paper or parchment paper down on the pan.  Those days are over!  As a housewarming gift (thank you!!!) I got a new Silpat mat, these French pastry mats are time tested and will last nearly forever, saving lots of foil and paper.

The Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Cookware might be the holy grail of cookware.  These pieces are built to last and therefore not need to be replaced for a very long time.  We also got a few of these pieces as a wedding gift and are happy to get cooking.

Each of these choices are based on what works for our lifestyle.  But for me, just like when I cook I want to use the best ingredients I have access to, I want to use the best equipment and tools too.

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