Art Imitating Life, on TV

Okay, so true confession, I have never seen an episode of Mad Men.  I never picked up the show when it first came on, my Sunday’s were being dedicated to really brilliant stuff over on ABC…  But, either way, I understand the premise from 30,000 feet – Don Draper, the suave, sexist man of the 1960’s and his dalliances at work and at play…  What has really captured my attention is the fashion movement sparked by Costume Designer, Janie Bryant.  Much like Sex and the City, the clothing seem to be a character in the story.

Image from AMC TV

Bryant, and the female leads, have sparked a movement with a fashion focus on feminine dressing, an attention detail and curves.  And while the looks are all designed be early 1960’s chic, they could easily be transitioned into today’s wardrobe, as evidenced by the campaign by Banana Republic, and the 1960’s style First Lady Michelle Obama has infused into her wardrobe.
As I have already shared, I have always had a thing for Camelot-style fashion as made famous by Jackie Kennedy.  A favorite past time is browsing through eBay for their vintage finds.  When friends would have tacky holiday parties, they’d scour the 80’s section – my destination was the 1960’s department.  Here are some finds from decades past, and a new one with vintage inspiration.
Blue Bombshell Wiggle Dress via Ebay

This is an all out splurge, but I couldn’t resist the vintage Christian Dior…
Dior Evening Dress (1955) via Ebay
 Or go modern, with vintage inspiration…
Black Halo Jackie O Dress via Pink Mascara

2 responses to “Art Imitating Life, on TV

  1. >"would have" holiday parties implies that's a thing of the past. the HP is here to stay and you know it!

  2. >haha – I will start shopping now… and I wouldn't have it any other way

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