Melon Lemon – A Good Mix

So, this isn’t really a recipe – but it is a must, must, must do.  

See that bowl of watermelon you chopped up the other day?  It’s sitting in your refrigerator.  Maybe you grab a few pieces every now and then as a refreshing snack.  Oh, you don’t have a gigantic bowl of watermelon in your fridge?  Can you please go get one?  It’s a primary ingredient in this non-recipe recipe.

Continuing on…  Remember how you bought a bag of lemons for homemade lemonade, or to throw in a bottle of Corona (depending on the type of weekend you had)?  Take that lemon, cut a wedge and squeeze all of the sour, lemony juice over the chunks of watermelon.  

That little squirt transforms the watermelon.  No joke, like Cinderella style, a “She’s All that That transformation.  The watermelon is no longer simple, juicy fruit, it is now exotic, tart, and full of flavor.  The natural sugars concentrate and it’s like you’re eating chunks of summer, if your summers are spent on the beach in Mexico. 

I have to give credit where credit is due.  This trick – which pretty much changed the watermelon eating portion of my life – came courtesy of my sister’s boyfriend’s housemate.  And now you have it via me.  You can tell your friends you learned this from your favorite blogger’s sister’s boyfriend’s friend. 

One response to “Melon Lemon – A Good Mix

  1. >Happy to say I experienced this and will definitely pass it on- so so delicious

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