Rainy Day Inspiration

It is raining again.  Raining really hard in fact, so much rain is expected that there are flash flood warnings.  

Thinking about rain, and weddings (since it’s a Wednesday) makes me think of a scene in The Wedding Planner (you don’t know this yet about me, but I am a big Jennifer Lopez fan).  In the scene the composed (on the outside) wedding planner tells the not composed bride that rain on her wedding day is actually good luck, because a wet knot can be tied tighter than a dry one.  She later admits that bit of advice is just something wedding planners say.  What Mary Fiori, the planner, does not mention is that a rainy day wedding can also be highly glamorous and sophisticated!  Let’s take a look…
I love an outdoor ceremony, and while the setting is simple, it is still grand.  If it is raining during the ceremony the bride and her bridal party can carry their floral designed black umbrellas.  

I wanted to capture the positive side of the rain, the sparkle it creates as it shimmers from the sky and the brooding clouds in silver, and dark gray.  For the cocktail space I played with mirrors for the walls and cocktail tables, as well as a mirror effect on the champagne glass.  The rest of the space is black and white, “black” calla lilly arrangements and place settings. 

For a playful twist, I picked up some oversized chess pieces, after all on the wedding the bride and groom are the closest to a Queen and King.

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