Classic, with a Kick

Earlier in the week I mentioned our Latin inspired fiesta, and our large menu.  I knew when planning the menu that as always we would have a lot of food, and I wanted to keep everything light, easy to prepare and fun.  So, while I love tres leches and flans, I knew they would work with the rest of our hand held menu, and goal for being outside.

And that was when Mexican S’mores were born.    
Of course I originally intended to make my own graham crackers, I even thought about making my own marshmallows, but as you might imagine those plans don’t jive with “easy to prepare”.  So what is more easy to prepare than a box of graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows and 2 packets of Lindt Dark Chocolate with a hint of chili?  I’ll tell you what’s easier, just about nothing!  
What I had envisioned was using our grill to gently toast the marshmallows to a lovely golden brown.  Instead it rained all day and the cooking and s’mores making moved inside.  

No fear, these are just as good when they are made in the oven.  

Steps to S’more Success:
1. Preheat oven to 500 degrees
2. Put foil on top of a baking sheet
3. Put marshmallow on top of chocolate square on top of half of a graham cracker
4. Place in oven, with the light on and pace/dance/chat for about 90 seconds because then the marshmallows will be soft and browning.
5. Stack graham cracker half on top.
6. EAT!, and eat again and again.

I think other delicious flavors would include those Ghirardelli squares with a little mint, caramel or peanut butter filling – the options are endless and the results are deliciously fun!

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