Halfway Around the World, and Back

Last week there were no new posts.  Why?  Because, Mark and I went to India.  

A few months ago, before we found a house, before we moved, before the start of this blog, Mark got an email about an 8-day trip to India for a once-in-a-lifetime price (www.gate1travel.com).  In true Mark fashion he told me about it and then the next day when I was getting a pedicure with my mom I got a text message that said, “We’re going to India – and there will be an elephant ride!”

So, we went to India, and yes, there was an elephant ride!

India is unlike anywhere I have ever been, and the experience is very powerful, delightful, and intense.  The sounds, foods, smells, sights overwhelm all of your senses, and I am still digesting everything we experienced. 

But, for now, to borrow from our new Indian friends, I’ll leave you with “Namaste”.

Jaipur, Elephant Ride

Jaipur, Pink City

Jaipur, Maharajah Temple

Hindu Women on Way to Festival for the god Ganesh
Jaipur, Spice Market
Agra, Taj Mahal

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