Traveling Shoes

Before we went to India I planned out what I would wear and pack with a lot of attention. Things I considered were the temperature (muggy, hot), the activity (lots of walking but in a variety of areas and terrain), and the culture (lots of color, but not flashy in the American sportswear sense).

When I packed shoes I brought three pairs: satin J. Crew ballet flats, rhinestone J. Crew flip flops and new ballerina sneakers.

These were perfect. I wore them with skirts and skinny jeans (and they weren’t clunky or awkward). I wore them with linen pants and they were fittingly delicate and best of all they were comfortable and produced no blisters.

This is a style I have had my eye on for a while. Post trip they would be great commuting shoes – if I wore commuting shoes an they are a great weekend alternative to gym sneakers.

Being comfortable when traveling is essential, and being cute is an added bonus.

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