Life Lessons in Shopping

Rarely does shopping provide too much in the way of “Life Lessons.”  

Sure there are a few: if you see a splurge but must-have item walk away, and if you’re still thinking about it in 2 days go for it, or if you find the best fitting pair of jeans/swimsuit/bra buy multiple pairs because there is nothing better than a great pair of jeans/swimsuit/bra.   

But now I’ll share a life lesson that was reinforced by shopping.  Almost a month ago I bought a beautiful pair of boots.  They were designer, and gorgeous and would probably last forever, however they were very expensive.  
Salvatore Ferragamo Fersea via Zappos Couture
I couldn’t stomach the idea of wearing them and scratching them up, and I knew they weren’t for keeps when I found myself looking at other boots online the very next day.  

In the online search the next day I found another pair that was definitely within my price range and seemed to hit all the right notes of what I was looking for.  But, I waited.  I had lots of excuses.  I was going to India in a few days, and I hadn’t tried them on yet, and I wasn’t completely sure how they would fit, so I told myself when we get back from India I’ll go to the store and just buy them.  How clever, then I would also save on shipping!

When I got back from India they were sold out.

Poor little blogger girl lost her boots?  Not quite.  There are many, many boots out there, but the larger lesson learned and reinforced by my life that exists outside of my favorite online stores and this blog is that life doesn’t wait, and that the unexpected does happen.  And we must always be ready to go and take it head on and win – yes, I’m that competitive. 

Wishing you a weekend full of adventure, wherever you may find it.

One response to “Life Lessons in Shopping

  1. >Love you. Recently, Dana's friend tweeted "there is never the perfect time for anything." If we wait for the perfect time- it will never come. Completely valid and reinforced in the big and little of each day.

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