Still Dressing on Dress Down Friday

Getting dressed for work is often a challenge that can be mediated with the answers to the following questions; what do you do?  where do you work? how does the more senior management dress?  Those answers should usually be a guide at 7am when you stumble through to find the right outfit.  Then it’s Friday.  And in most office around the country Friday is “casual” or “dress down”.  And that’s when the can of worms opened up…

Dress down Friday really isn’t about “comfortable Friday”, or pajama Friday, workout Friday, running to the grocery store Friday.  If anything I think of Friday’s as an opportunity to be a bit more creative with what I am wearing, have a little bit more pizazz, and yes, wear denim.

Today’s Dress Down Friday is looking like this:

The black blazer is a constant go to for me; it elevates what would otherwise be jeans and a tank top, and it adds more structure and sophistication than a cardigan or sweater.  The boots I just got, and while it’s not that cold today I couldn’t resist the urge to wear new clothes as soon as I got them.  I like this outfit because I would be comfortable wearing it from work to dinner, happy hour, or to run errands and it is very much me.

How do you work it on a Friday?

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