I Just Want to Wear Sweatpants

Less than a week ago the temperature was teetering around 75 degrees, I knew, it couldn’t last forever. But this morning as I woke up Mark said to me, “you know its 30 degrees this morning,” and that was enough to consider Caribbean real estate, or at least an extra sweater.

I have lived in DC for seven years, it is hard to believe time goes by so quickly, and every Fall transition it shocks me how cold it suddenly gets.  I go through the same cycle every year; look for boots, look for Uggs (which I have never purchased), look for a hat (and then resign that I don’t really wear hats, although I love them).

This morning when I got dressed all I wanted was to wear my comfortable chunky sweaters and extra soft lounge pants to work, but clearly that wouldn’t do – here are some finds for taking cold weather comfort beyond the couch.

Keep an eye out for ponte legging and pants; these are the extra thick, double knit pants (sometimes referred to as scuba knit) that not only hold you in, but they also keep you warm, and look more refined than a traditional knit stretch legging.

A sweater dress is a seasonal must have.  The tunic cut, and heavier knits are beyond forgiving for an extra slice of pie, and the accessorizing options are endless: scarves, jewelry, belts, all change the look of a basic sweater dress in an instant.

Pick up a soft, knit blazer.  It’s warmer than a regular blazer and will serve double duty for weekend wear.

Looking for new boots?  Try out some of the shoe brands that specialize in comfort footwear, Aerosoles, Merrell, Uggs, and many more.  They have finally wised up and put out shoes that are almost as chic as they are comfortable.

It takes a bit more thought to get dressed in the fall and winter and still look pulled together and feel comfortable, but you have to admit your office isn’t going to let you wear a Snuggie anytime soon!

Happy Fashionable Fall!

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