Sparkle on New Year’s Eve

Over the last few days I assembled some favorite looks for New Years Eve, and when I put them all together I realized they all had something in common, a lot of sparkle!  Now, if there is anytime that you can or should sparkle it is probably New Years Eve.

I tend to have mixed feelings about New Years Eve, there is a lot of pressure to have a great night, go to a great place and wear a great outfit.  Well, I can’t help you with your plans, there is OpenTable for that, and for the company, well you’re on your own, but at least for the outfit I can be of assistance.

Look 1: If you’re invited to a fancy party, cocktail or black tie, I am all for ditching the black dress and going with some color.  The dress is a classic fit, so in a way it pares down the boldness of the teal, and I personally love the playfulness of the clutch.

Look 2: This look says to me, “I will not the weather win!” As in, it is so cold, but it is New Years Eve and I am going out and looking good.  Party on sister.  You know my affinity for maxi skirts, and sparkle, and this look has it all.

Look 3: A year ago friends of mine hosted a part with the dress theme of “business sexual”, this outfit is that.  I love the Lolli pants from J.Crew which are just as happy swilling champagne as they would be at work in the Spring.

Look 4: Okay, I give.  This is a fantasy outfit.  However, it is attainable.  Our good friends at Rent the Runway have Herve Leger and all of your favorite out of reach brands at much more attainable rental pricing.

Wherever you go, and whoever you’re with, I hope you look and feel fabulous!

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