Simple, beautiful eggs (Guest Blogger – Mark)

I love to cook for my wife.  But I normally try to delegate the cleanup.

So I love it when I can find something delicious to make, and easy to clean up (myself).

But easy doesn’t have to sacrifice flavor.  

In fact, the best food is simple ingredients prepared well.

Good food is simple. 
Today’s flavor is hard boiled eggs…. like you’ve never had before
– Eggs
– Acqua 
– Fire in your life
1. Put cold acqua and eggs into pot and turn on flame
2. As soon as water starts to boil, turn off heat, and let eggs sit for 10 minutes

3. Place into ice water bath, remove shells, slice and serve with truffle salt (or regular salt and pepper for those with timid palettes)

Think you’ve had this before?   Think again.  
Take one bite of these perfectly cooked eggs and you will see the difference.  

These have become a favorite on weekends.

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