Fashion, to boot

This weekend I saw this great NY style retrospective on the “new way” women are standing, walking and posing and the shoe that is leading the way.

New York Times
The ankle boot (bootie) is taking over for the knee high (or higher) boot and in the process is highlighting a woman’s long leg, or making a shorter leg look longer, or as Bill Cunningham says, more like a ballerina or a showgirl.  

The best part of this pictorial is that the personal style of the “street models” are all so unique.  They are uptown, or downtown, bare legged, black tights, or tattered stockings and they are all chic and like themselves.  They also look like they might have to find a bathroom… now – but even that beats the bowlegged look of a few years ago!

In any case, we are  not here to talk about stance, or posture, we’re here to talk about shoes!

Here are my favorite booties for under $100, under $250, and the sky’s the limit!  

Happy Shopping and stand proud!

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