SAG Fashion Review

True confession: I did not watch the SAG awards.  I watched a political thriller filmed in the 1970’s instead. 

Due to the magic of the Internet and the fact that my sole interest was the pre-show, I am convinced I didn’t miss much, but I won’t make this a habit come Oscar time.

I have a funny perspective about award show fashion.  I tend to think of the SAG Awards as Homecoming, the Golden Globes as Prom Night, and the Academy Awards as the Wedding Day.  The grandeur and the glamour increase dramatically between the SAG’s red carpet and Oscar’s.  With that said, I think the fashion that we see on SAG night is a bit more theoretically attainable (price tag not included) and so much easier to say “I love it, I wish I had it!”.

On to the Red Carpet, shall we?  Images from
The best of the night:

Sarah Hyland looks as young as she is – and that is awesome.  Also awesome?  The color.
Sarah Hyland – Max Mara
I like that Natalie is sticking with simple shapes, and column dresses.  She looks comfortable and beautiful and is radiating in this dress, and still saying yes, I am pregnant, engaged, and will probably take home an Oscar in a month.
Natalie Portman – Azzaro
I included this dress in my Spring 2011 Runway favorites and I love it still.  I think this is the way for Lea to go – she already gets a bit of a bad rap for being a diva, so I think keeping her gowns simpler, and train free sort of diminish that “dressing for the part”.  I love the shine and the shape, and her more relaxed hair.  The only thing I would change are the shoes which seem a little overwhelming with this dress.
Lea Michelle – Oscar de la Renta
Call me crazy, but I love this.  I love everything about it.  I am sure Julie Bowen will get dumped on for wearing a jumpsuit, but I think it is pretty close to awesome on her.  Also awesome the major diamond jewelry and girl next door hair.  Yes, if this was my jumpsuit, I would wear it.
Julie Bowen – Catherine Malandrino
I am not typically a fan of Tina Fey’s sartorial style (or her thank you speeches when she wins, for that matter), but last night Tina Fey looked radiant.  I love the simplicity of the sheath, column dress instead of the more A-line, or retro fitting dresses she normally favors.  I love the texture and color, which has so much more pop and pizazz than her normal black, and her hair and makeup are beautiful.   
Tina Fey: you are the winner!
Tina Fey – Oscar de la Renta

In the Oops category:

Great face, great hair, wrong event.  I think Angie thought this was Oscar Night.
Angie Harmon – Monique Lhuillier
I’ve read quite a few interviews lately where Amy Adams (who just had a baby) has to feign laughter when the reporter asserts, “Who knew you even had sex, Amy?”  I suppose because Adams rarely plays the sexy leading lady role the press doesn’t think she could be sexy in real life.  I think Adams is great, and I think this dress would be great too if it was a half size larger.
Amy Adams – Herve L Leroux
I just wish these two had switched dresses.  The gothic black lace on Nicole feels too hard, and the prim and proper gold lace on Jones feels too stiff.  Please call each other first.
 Nicole Kidman – Nina Ricci  January Jones – Carolina Herrera

Congratulations to all the winners!  And now we wait for fashion’s biggest night, OSCAR Night!

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