The Best of the Super Bowl

Let me put on my trained marketer’s hat.  Okay, all better.  There are a few key components to what makes a great Super Bowl commercial – and no it is not the suggestive lines of Danica Patrick for – they are nostalgia, emotion, and some tasteful humor.

Let’s knock out the bad and the ugly right away:

I didn’t like last year’s “Beat up Betty White” Snickers commercial and I liked this one even less.
I’m sure this will be high on the list of the funny commercials, but to me it was just ick…

I am not sure who Pepsi Zero intended for the audience to be for this commercial: normal sized women who beat up their spouses, or men who get bullied?  Certainly not young runners…

Weird.  A commercial about Eminem not doing a commercial for Brisk Ice Tea.  Super Weird.

The good.
Too funny.  You rarely see a tire commercial not capitalize on safety and often the fear factor.  This was a great twist – laughed out loud.
Chrysler and Eminem.  This commercial wasn’t perfect but great play on nostalgia and the strength of a city.
Points for nostalgia and seeing Alf, Marcia Brady and the Fonz all in one commercial.  Well done, NFL.
The favorite.
My nephew has this same Darth Vader costume.  The kid is adorable.  The commercial is awesome.
So, this was technically an intro to the game, but in terms of nostalgia and kind of choking me up “The Journey” voiced by Michael Douglas, big win.

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